Now Offering Telemedicine

In an effort to provide you and your pet with access to convenient, high-quality veterinary care while at home during this pandemic, we have launched telemedicine services through TeleVet. 
Through the TeleVet services, you will have access to veterinary consultations, diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of conditions for your pet(s).
We will also be using our TeleVet services to allow you to video chat with our doctors while your pet is in the clinic for their examination.
We ask that you fully complete the registration with your first and surname and enable pop-ups. Unfortunately for the video chats, your phone will not ring and you will need to connect once the pop-up has informed you that our doctors have initiated the consultation with you.
Please download the TeleVet app and register your pets today!

For more information go to:​



How to Connect



Once our doctors create a consultation with you or if you initiate a consultation with them, it will appear under the active consultations.


When our doctor is about to start examining your pet, they will initiate the video chat, which will show as a pop-up notification.


Or you can connect to the call by clicking on the call button under the active consultation.

If you miss the pop-up, another way to connect with our doctor is through the notification icon. Click on the notification icon and then click on the "time for your video chat".


If you click on the View option within the active consultation, it will take you to a different screen.



Preview of the View screen.  Through this screen, you can click the join call or directly message our doctors.